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VIKING is a market leader in maritime safety, providing and servicing essential safety equipment for passenger and cargo vessels, offshore installations and vessels, the defence sector, industrial fire fighting as well as fishing and yachting vessels.

We are a private company headquartered in Denmark, with 1,700 employees worldwide. Our products are manufactured in four locations: Esbjerg in Denmark, Bergen in Norway, Colorado in the US and Bangkok, Thailand. VIKING is represented in 60 locations in 27 countries and our unique global network is made up of subsidiaries, agents and 270 certified servicing stations.

VIKING offers a choice of global safety solutions. Product portfolio includes: marine evacuation systems, offshore evacuation and crew transfer systems, liferafts, boats, lifesaving appliances, as well as protective clothing such as immersion suits, work suits, fire suits and lifejackets.

Viking LifeSaving Equipment (America) Inc

Viking Life Saving Equipment (America) Inc

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