Trans Marine Propulsion Systems

Seattle, Washington, United States

Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc. (TMPS) is a Seattle, Washington based marine sales, service, engineering and vessel Management Company. For over 25 years TMPS has served ship owners, offshore operators, power plants, mechanical industries, and ship and engine builders all over the world. TMPS's philosophy is to utilize its unsurpassed expertise in order to keep the customers' investments 100% productive during their operational life, irrespective of the application.

In addition to its highly qualified service personnel, TMPS also has the in-house engineering expertise, which makes this company so unique when it comes to providing the customer with the best solutions based on sound diesel engine theory and technology.

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 7 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • ShipServ Pages Buyer
  • APL Maritime Ltd
  • Windstar Cruises
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Trans Marine Propulsion Systems
4200 24th Avenue West
Seattle, Washington
United States

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Ports Served

  • Anchorage, US
  • Beaumont, US
  • Cape Charles, US
  • Crescent City, US
  • Charleston SC, US
  • Corpus Christi, US
  • Dutch Harbor, US
  • Ferndale - WA, US
  • Fort Lauderdale, US
  • Freeport, US
  • Freeport - TX, US
  • Galveston, US
  • Homer - AK, US
  • Homer AK, US
  • Houston, US
  • Wilmington DE, US
  • Juneau, US
  • Kalama - WA, US
  • Ketchikan, US
  • Los Angeles, US
  • Lake Charles, US
  • Manatee - FL, US
  • Miami, US
  • Mobile, US
  • New Orleans, US
  • Neah Bay - WA, US
  • Norfolk-Newport News - VA, US
  • Oakland, US
  • Orange - TX, US
  • Palm Beach - FL, US
  • Port Canaveral - FL, US
  • Portland OR, US
  • Pelican - AK, US
  • Port Everglades, US
  • Pascagoula, US
  • St Petersburg, US
  • Pensacola, US
  • Port Arthur, US
  • Port Royal - SC, US
  • Puget Sound - WA, US
  • Portland ME, US
  • San Diego, US
  • Savannah GA, US
  • Seattle, US
  • San Francisco, US
  • Skagway, US
  • San Mateo, US
  • Tacoma, US
  • Tampa, US
  • Chesapeake, US
  • Washington, US
  • Westport, US
  • Wrangell - AK, US