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Instituted in 1980, TRACKSTAR ENTERPRISES CORPORATION supplies truck and heavy equipment parts, new and old hydraulic equipment, and all types of hydraulic components available around the world, with a wide variety of brands. The company also offers consultancy and training seminars, which tackle topics like project viability and system design. In addition, TRACKSTAR troubleshoots existing systems and fixtures, and caters to a wide range of clientele, ensuring that all concerns with heavy equipment are met and dealt with efficiently.

The demands of operations often bring a need for a continuous supply of spare parts and for spare parts maintenance. With our material supply capabilities and wide supply network, our company guarantees a reliable and cost effective way of providing your requirements, while maintaining purchasing efficiency and without sacrificing quality. We aim to give you the best choices possible and always look out for our clients’ best interests.

In our pursuit to provide a total solution for cost effective sourcing on various heavy equipment and spare parts, Trackstar has an integrated database of various principal sources all over the world to supply our clients’ needs, thus, expanding our supply network and the range of products we offer.

Trackstar has been at the forefront of the industry for decades, and with it comes our invaluable expertise and experience. We believe that the key to our success is the emphasis we place on providing a reliable and cost-effective way to source materials, along with quality services and a wide range of options to meet our customers’ needs.

We at Trackstar Enterprises Corporation (T.E.C.) are committed to taking the lead and being the pioneering company that spearheads the heavy equipment supply and service industry in the Philippines.

Our Sales and Management Staff, along with rank and file employees are experts in their own fields and are truly innovative people who can formulate the best solutions for your supply and job order challenges.



Our company has expertise in sourcing, procurement, delivery, and supply of heavy equipment spare parts, hydraulic equipment, and its components, whether available locally or in other countries around the world.


In terms of service, we always provide our customers with the best options, never sacrificing quality and cost effectiveness and always aiming to meet delivery dates and client specifications.


We make it a point to source out client requirements within the local market of its country of origin. Buying from the domestic market has an advantage in both pricing and delivery.


In terms of delivery, we at Trackstar make a valuable commitment to our customers to meet delivery dates. We also provide, if required, an electronic link to fast-track goods with the help of our affiliate cargo freight and customs brokerage companies. A vast network of modern communication facilities and state-of-the-art technology, which brings us up-to-the-minute information, enables us to provide personalized, safe, and efficient delivery services.


At Trackstar, quality is our number one concern. Our clients are assured that for every delivery and service, we conduct a thorough inspection and impose quality control methods to ensure that the highest standards are followed, and to be able to meet the technical specifications required by our customers.


To achieve technical and professional leadership in the integration of business, government, commercial, and private institutions towards the development of the heavy equipment industry in terms of sourcing and services offered.


We aim to provide our customer with products and services of the highest quality, along with our commitment to sustain a customer driven policy that recognizes the value of each client and the importan

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