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Tianjin, Tianjin, China

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TONGHAI MARINE CO.,LTD. is a leading company trading in spare parts of marine equipment in China. Specially, we can supply all spare parts of marine equipment made in China. We have good and long cooperation relationship with makers and factories in China, we are grouped with marine engineers of full experience, we can offer proper marine equipments and spares and proper tech consulting. We can offer most preferential prices as well as reliable quality, most of our product are made by licencee manufacturer of China. Then our company is in advantage in type Daihatsu(have many stocks) and Yanmar, Man B&W. Except that, we also be good at the spare parts of air compressor, and oil purifier. Also the stores can be supplied by us.

Trading history

This supplier has traded with 6 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Norbulk Shipping Ltd
  • Norbulk Shipping Ltd
  • ISKO Marine Shipping & Trading
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Tonghai Marine Co., Ltd
No. 18 Jing Jiang Road, Hedong District
Tianjin, Tianjin

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  • Dalian, CN
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