Tai Mond Supply Co. Ltd.

Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Ship Chandler serving Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 7 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Eagle Ship Management LLC (As Agents Only)
  • Anglo-Eastern Maritime Services Pte. Ltd.
  • MMS Co Ltd
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Authorized Agent or Distributor for:

  • ABB (Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • NKK (Authorised Installer/Repairer)

Other Brands Supplied

Tai Mond Supply Co. Ltd.
NO.96 Dayi Street, Yen Chen District
Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung

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Ports Served

  • Kaohsiung, TW