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Sperre Industri AS
N-6057 Ellingsøy

Manufacturer and distributor of Sperre air compressors, starting air systems and working air systems as well as related equipment for marine use like air receivers, filters, water separators and dryers. Also manufacturer of Shell and Tube heat exchangers.
We keep all marine spare parts in stock for all our Sperre air compressors and heat exchangers. And can supply spare parts onboard your ship within 48 hours.
We can provide digital information for input in the ships Planned Maintenance System from our Sperre Service CD for all Sperre Compressors.
We have prepared Overhaul Kits with installation instructions enclosed for all our compressor models.
Genuine Sperre spare parts are available from; Sperre Industri AS in Norway, Sperre Rotterdam BV in Nederland, Sperre Asia PTE Ltd in Singapore and Sperre China in Shanghai.
Sperre has no dealer network for spare parts, which would raise prices. Companies that claim to represent Sperre are either middlemen selling parts at higher prices or suppliers of unauthorized imitation parts that could increase operating costs or even put the safety of your compressor at risk.
We guarantee that you will get the lowest price on genuine Sperre parts if you contact our head office in Norway.
Our range of compressors are:
Aircooled Working air : LL2/77, LL2/90, LL2/105, LL2/120, LL2/140, LL2/160.
Aircooled Starting air: HLF2/77, HL2/77, HL2/90, HL2/105, HL2/120, HL2/140, Hl2/160.
Watercooled Compressors: HV1/85, HV1/120, HV1/140, HV1/140A, HV1/156, HV1/156A,
HV2/200, HV2/210, HV2/219, HV2/220, HV2/240, HV2/270, HV2/270A, HV2/285, HV2/285A, HV2/300, HV2/300A.
From July 2010 start deliveries of Sperre X-range compressors.
For further information see; http://www.sperre.com/compressors



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