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Shanghai, China

Sinopacific Marine Consulting & Service Company was founded in Hong Kong by a group of senior engineers and businessmen who have extensive experience in marine and energy business fields to supply genuine spares for ocean going vessel and heavy fuel oil power plants from licensee engine makers in China, South Korea and Japan.

After a short period of time, due to the rapid progress and development of the shipping in China, S&P Marine also opened her shipchandler department to supply ship stores and provisions to vessels calling to all ports of China including Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Dalian and other 60 ports in China.

S&P Marine is Auhorized Part and Service Agency For Below Makers

-Dalian Marine Diesel Works
-Hudong Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd.
-Shaanxi Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
-Chongqing Cummins Engine Co. Ltd. (CCEC)
-Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Plant
-Anqing CSSC Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd
-Zhenjiang CME Co., Ltd.

Other Main Engine and DG Genuine Spares

Suppliers that S&P Marine is working closely

with in :

Qingdao Qiyao Wärtsilä MHI Linshan Marine Diesel Co. Ltd. (QMD)
Hefei Rong’an Power Machinery Co Ltd (RPM)
Shanghai Xinzhong Power Machine Plant
Zibo Diesel Engine Parent Company
Henan Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Weichai Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
CSSC-MES Diesel Co., Ltd. (CMD)
Hefei Rong An Power Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Antai Power Machinery Co., Ltd.
STX (Dalian) Engine Co., Ltd
Wuhan Marine Machinery Plant Co., Ltd.
Nantong Diesel Engine Co. Ltd
Ningbo C.S.I. Power & Machinery Group Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Diesel Engine Factory
Wuxi Antai Power Machinery

Hitachi Zosen Diesel and Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd.
Diesel United, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
Mitsui Engineering &Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Yanmar Co. Ltd
Daihatsu Diesel MFG. Co. Ltd

Doosan Engine Co., Ltd. (T,F)
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. (T)
STX Engine Co., Ltd. (F)

S&P Marine Made in China Equipment Scope of Supply Range

Chongqing Hongjiang Machinery Plant –All type(Fuel injection system)
GYM(Chongqing Yuejin Machinery)-All type(Bearing,Cam)
Nantong Navigation Machinery Co.- All types(Boll fully automatic back flushing filters)
Nantong Shengtong Machinery Plant-All types(heat exchanger)
Dalian Marine Valve Co. – All types(marine valves)
Dalian Jinzhou Marine Machinery Co.-All types
Tianjin Pumps & Machinery Group –All types(Pumps)
Tiantaishan water pumps factory –All types(Pumps)
CSSC Nanjing Luzhou Machine Co.-All types
Jiangsu Yuanwang Instrument Co,Ltd-All types(floating controller,thermometers)
Shanghai Tianmin Automation Instruments Co Ltd- All types(floating controller,thermometers)
Shanghai Hengyuan Marine Equipment Corporation.- All types(Fan/Blower)
GEA (Wuhu) KHI Machinery (Heat exchanger)
Wuhan Kawasaki Marine Machinery Co. Ltd(Bow Thruster)
S&P Marine supplies new building equipment for various shipyards of different equipment makers in the world from Far East to Europe .

S&P Marine scope of new building equipment supply

Deck Equipment
Lifeboat & davit
Life raft
Steel Wire Rope
Mooring Rope
Chock/Roller/Fairlead/Chain Stopper/Bitts
Hatch cover
Hatch cover packing

Ship Electric Equipment
Main switch board
Control Box
Ship limit switch
Air Dryer
Valve control system
Ship Meters
Ship Store
Main Air Compressor
Marine Pump
Marine Valve
S&P Marine supply range varies from most popular engines such as Wartsila 20,32, MAK 453 and MAN
B&W to some engine of which spares are very hard to get good OEM quality due to factory stopped operation or very few running engines remained such as ABC and Cockerill CMI.
S&P Marine supplies all major OEM spares with
IACS class certificate.

Turbocharger ABB,Turbocharger IHI, Turbocharger Napier

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Authorized Agent or Distributor for:

  • ABB (Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Chongqing (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Agent)
  • Dalian Marine Diesel Works (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Agent, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Hudong Heavy Machinery (Authorised Agent, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Weichai (Authorised Agent, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Yichang Marine Diesel (Authorised Agent, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Zhenjiang Marine (Authorised Agent, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)

Other Brands Supplied


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Sinopacific (H.K.) Marine Consulting Service Co.Ltd
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