Sigo Marine RU

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Sigo Marine Group was established in 1998.

We provide the following service:

- Supply spare parts for Main and Auxiliary engines, compressors, separators, pumps, boilers, electrical equipment, etc;
- Repair of ship's pipelines, hatches, main and aux. engines, service of electrical equipment. We have riding squads of fitters/welders which are certified by BV, GL,LR and RMRS;
- Own service station is provided technical maintance, inspection, testing and repair of life rafts of main world manufaturers; davit appliances, rescue boats, release gear; medical and oxygen breathing apparatus,cylinders; rigging; immersion suits, fire extinguishers, fire hoses and nozzles;
- Ultrasonic thickness measurements ( the company is cerified for carry out this job by DNV, BV, GL, LR, ABS, Russian Registry, NKK, RINA, Ukrainian Registry;
- Radio navigation & navigation service
(ACR, Furuno, Radioma, SKB Radio,Musson;
- Import & export spare parts from/to Russia and Ukraine;
- Shipchandler service and provision supply.

We have branches in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, UK.


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Not Yet Verified as Agent for
  • Davit (Authorised OEM Spares, Authorised Agent, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Davit International (Authorised OEM Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Fujikura (Authorised OEM Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Uzemic (Authorised OEM Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Uzemik (Authorised OEM Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Zodiac (Authorised OEM Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
Other Brands Supplied


  • ISO 9001
  • DNV Approved
  • Lloyd's Approved
  • BV Approved
  • ABS Approved
  • NK Approved
  • GL Approved
  • RINA
  • RS

Sigo Marine RU
27 , Kanonerskiy Island
St. Petersburg
Russian Federation

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Ports Served

  • Arkhangelsk, RU
  • Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, UA
  • Berdyansk, UA
  • Bremen, DE
  • Feodosiya, UA
  • Hamburg, DE
  • Illichivs'k, UA
  • Izmail, UA
  • Kerch, UA
  • Kherson, UA
  • Kronshtadt, RU
  • Liepaja, LV
  • Mariupol (Ex Zhdanov), RU
  • Murmansk, RU
  • Nikolayev, UA
  • Novorossiysk, RU
  • Odessa, UA
  • Primorsk (Koivisto), RU
  • Reni, UA
  • Riga, LV
  • Rostock, DE
  • Rotterdam, NL
  • Saint Petersburg (ex Leningrad), RU
  • Schiedam, NL
  • Sevastopol, UA
  • Ventspils, LV
  • Vlissingen, NL
  • Vyborg, RU
  • Yuzhnyy, UA