Shun Hing Global Services Limited

New Territories, Hong Kong

Shun Hing provides one stop solution and ship husbandry service for all types of marine vessels, which include
- ship supplies and chandlery services
- provisions and bonded stores
- logistics and warehousing services
- spare parts consolidation and expedition
- repair and engineering services.

More than that, we listen to our customers' requirement and provide tailor-made value-added services for their every need.

Our Ship Supply Services
With our knowledge and extensive network all over the world, we directly sourced and imported the ship stores, spares, and consumables from the makers thus we can offer good quality products at a very competitive price. This help our customers achieve savings to their vessel budgets.

- Engine Store
- Deck Store
- Cabin Store
- Marine Electronics, Radio, Navigation System and accessories
- Lifting Equipment, Wires, Ropes
- General Consumables, Steel, Anodes, Tools and accessories
- Marine Chemicals
- Life Saving Equipments, IMO labels, Fire Extinguishers, PPE
- Stationery, Computers and accessories

Our Provision Services
We offer a complete range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions with quality assurance.
The frozen items are sourced worldwide and stored in our well equipped freezer warehouse and the Diaries, Fruit and Vegetable are sourced from local market daily to ensure their freshness.

Apart from general provisions, we provide European Specialities as well as Indian and Flipino Dishes to meet different vessel's requirement.

Our Logistics Services
We understand the time-critical requirements for our customer. With our own warehouse and logistics team, we can provide 24/7/365 timely delivery services. As well, we have dedicated team to follow and expedite every consignment from shipowners/ship managers for vessels to ensure timely and positive connection to vessel.

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Shun Hing Global Services Limited
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