Ship Supply of Florida Inc.

Miami, FL, United States

Chandlery, General Ship Supplies:

We have a full inventory of Deck, Engine, Cabin, Provision, and Bonded stores.

We export all over the World.

Servicing the Maritime Industry for over 40 years.
Ship Supply has more than 40 years of experience in providing quality services and products to suit our customers needs. We currently service: Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Cruise, Container and Research Ships, Private Yachts, Military Vessels, Oil Rigs, Caribbean Hotels and Resorts, etc.

Ship Supply understands that no client can risk substandard goods or untimely services because it jeopardizes meeting their busy schedule. Every employee of Ship Supply stands behind our outstanding reputation of providing ship services to our clients which not only meets but exceed their expectations.

Ship Supply, located in Miami, also known as the ‘Gateway of the Americas’, is able to provide efficient service by sea or by air to the Caribbean, Europe, Central and South America. Our commitment to providing seamless service at multiple convenient locations is accomplished by our strategic location in the State of Florida.

Communication is critical in providing excellent customer service which helps our clients to better understand the options available for them. Our multi-lingual employees will always help to meet all ships' crew requirements.

Over the years, Ship Supply has developed a high level of purchasing power which allows us to consistently obtain the best prices from national or overseas suppliers. Volume discounts are always passed to ship owners or management companies.

We strive to always provide the highest quality products at the best available prices by maintaining a large inventory of both U. S. Coast Guard and S.O.L.A.S. approved equipment, as well as all necessary cabin, office and bonded stores.

Seamless execution of services from time of order to time of delivery
Meats, poultry and seafood are always the best choice available
Fruits and vegetables are checked daily for freshness
Deck and engine supplies are the utmost quality and are in stock for immediate delivery
Customer satisfaction and reliable efficient service has made Ship Supply a leader in ship chandlery and management across the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe.
Staff: As in any service based business, people make the difference. Our employees are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Our staff will be there when and where we are needed to ensure your order is promptly filled with quality merchandise.

Experienced multi-lingual staff ensures swift reliable service at any port in the world 24/7/365.

Our highly qualified Ship Agents are an important and integral part of meeting your needs.

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  • Grieg Star
  • Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc.
  • OSG Integration Test Buyer
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Ship Supply of Florida Inc.
15065 N.W. 7th Avenue
Miami, FL
United States

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