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What is PRES-SEAL ?

PRES-SEAL is an extruded sealer in bead form on paper tape developed for fast, economical, high temperature sealing of boiler doors and access openings. In coal-fired plants, PRES-SEAL is used to seal coal pipe leaks, cyclone doors, pulverizer doors - anywhere there are leaks of coal or heat. Extruded to size, PRES-SEAL has excellent adhesion and is quick and easy to apply.

How do I apply PRES-SEAL ?

Simply apply by hand or putty knife to clean, steel surfaces. On boiler casings or doors which are warped or distorted apply more than one bead if necessary to seal gases. Only normal sanitary precautions are required (wash hands before eating and avoid unnecessary contact).

PRES-SEAL is Temperature Resistant - it will not melt or run at temperatures to 500 degrees F.
Other PRES-SEAL advantages include:

-Excellent resistance to water and water vapor
-Non-corrosive to metals
-Long shelf life
-Will not shrink on aging
-Non-toxic – non-injurious to skin

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