Phoenix Products Company, Inc.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Every light. Every project, Every day. We are committed to durability. Our fixtures have been tested and proven in the most extreme conditions. We employ measures like potted drivers, conformal coating, stranded wires, high quality finishes and marine grade components to ensure that our fixtures thrive in their intended environments and last longer than the other market options.
Phoenix's expertise in the marine market continues to improve operations all over the world. We demonstrate our "Durability by Design" approach to lighting in one of the world's harshest settings. These fixtures endure constant vibration, large temperature variances and a corrosive marine environment. With the ever-expanding global market and a new generation of vessels, customers are taking advantage of Phoenix's many ABS certified options to maximize their resources.
Safety and sustainability: Phoenix fixtures support the industry's focus on safety and sustainability in marine environments. With Phoenix lights, our customers easily see lower maintenance requirements due to the increased durability and lifespan of the light source. They see better light quality. With our LED technology, customers see improved security following a power outage because of the instant-on characteristic. This equates to a more responsible, profitable and safe industry.
We are committed to the marine industry and evolve with you as priorities and technology shifts. The conversation is continuous, and we proudly lend our expertise whenever possible.
Our unwavering attention to detail ensures results that far exceed your expectations. We design, engineer and manufacture products that last.
Our exceptional engineering team and innovative manufacturing practices are widely recognized and ensure that only superior products reach the market.
We stay true to the roots of Phoenix and respect the vision, ingenuity and hard work that have brought us to where we are today. We are committed to the future of our customers, employees and community.

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  • ISO 9001
  • ABS Approved

Phoenix Products Company, Inc.
8711 West Port Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

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