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Pharmacy Lagaay International is a worldwide Marine Medical Supplier based in Rotterdam The Netherlands. We have been servicing the market for over 130 years and are experts when it comes to regulations, recertifications and the logistics of getting the necessary medical outfitting on board.

We service the Marine and Offshore industry on a global scale, supplying the complete range of medical products; from medication to disposables, from first aid kits to vaccines and from stretchers to defibrillators. If it is medical we can get it for you!! We keep in close contact with the different regulators, so we can inform our customers when any changes in regulations are expected. Furthermore we have a dedicated team that can help you around the clock all year long.

With our Medical Care System (free of charge) we can help you with automatic replenishments and recertification of the medical stock on board. Since Lagaay works with a global network of local partners that help us with the supply of certain restricted items, we can cover almost 100% of the globe with our supplies.

Our core business is securing the health on board. We do not compromise on the quality of our products and our processes. Lagaay is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. With our extensive in house computer system we keep track of what we supply to each vessel, so we know what should be on board and can respond quickly in case of a recall.

We supply our products with the longest available expiry dates and shortest possible lead time. Because we need to respond swiftly to the demands of our customers, we keep an extensive stock of over 5000 different products. Lagaay has the capacity of supplying 15 different regulations directly from stock. To make the usage on board of our products as easy as possible for the crew, we label and code according to the different regulations. All our labels and product leaflets are in English and for some regulations, we even have bilingual labels.

In short, as a world market leader in stocking, maintaining and certifying ship’s medical lockers, Pharmacy Lagaay International is the most valuable medical partner in the Shipping and Offshore industry. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Pharmacy Lagaay International BV
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