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Flekkefjord, Norway, Norway

Steam and Heat solutions from a world class boiler manufacturer!

Parat Halvorsen is an engineering and manufacturing company with strong roots. It was first established in 1842 and has been a significant supplier to the boiler industry ever since. With a total of close to 9.000 deliveries to the Marine, Offshore and industry markets since the beginning we have established a solid base of expertise. The factory and head office is situated in the city of Flekkefjord on the south coast of Norway, just two hours from the Offshore capital of Stavanger.

Today we still focus on tailor made steam and heat systems for both industrial and marine/offshore applications. We never compromise on quality and have a strong customer focus. For us there are no problems, only challenges and we take pride in being able provide solutions to all our customers demands, both great and small. We supply turn key solutions for most processes that require large amounts of heat input and our skilled and experienced engineering staff work hard to meet even the strictest requirements.

We produce a vast range of steam and heat systems ranging from 100kW to 50.000kW output. To maintain our competitiveness we have established partnerships in Korea enabling us to be closer to the Asian shipyards and to keep our manufacturing and shipping costs as low as possible.

Parat Halvorsen is once again strengthening the service and after sales department to be able to serve a growing demand for our expertise. By using an efficient team of skilled multidiscipline boiler technicians we have seen that we can perform complete modification or repair assignments very quickly and thereby save a great amount of costs for the vessel owner. Our teams are also fully certified to do sailing jobs around the world.

On the product side we are working on various improvements of existing technology. We are also continuously developing customer optimized products to serve a changing market where the focus on lower emissions and improved fuel economy is becoming more and more important all over the globe. By focusing on maximum heat recovery from engines and generators and integrating electrical heaters in the exhaust gas boilers we are able to provide customized and fully optimized turnkey packages to any client who is focusing on long term benefits.

For the offshore segment we are still delivering a great amount of heating systems for Oil Spill Response vessels. Our specialized Parat ORO system ensures that any recovered oil is kept sufficiently viscous during transport to shore offloading and processing (see enclosed whitepaper). For rigs and FPSO we provide complete turnkey packages for topside heating medium systems, tank heating systems and also for marine support systems like hot water service packages. Here we also focus strongly on sustainability and space optimization, ensuring that the end client gets the most cost efficient and stable operation possible utilizing the absolute minimum of space on deck or in the engine room areas.

Parat Halvorsen prides itself in being a most innovative supplier of systems to any process that requires heat input. We constantly strive to find the most optimal solution to our customers demand, and have a special focus on sustainable and long lasting systems that give the end user the most cost efficient process. A typical example for a modern commercial vessel is to utilize as much of the waste energy as possible often in combination with integrated electrical heaters to ensure maximum redundancy and minimum fuel consumption.

Main solutions:
High Voltage Electrode Boiler, Low Voltage Electric Boiler, ORO Tank Heating, Oil Fired Smoke Tube Boiler, Exhaust Gas Water Tube Boiler, District Heating System, Waste-to-Energy, Economizer, Degasser, Feedwater Tank, Service, Maintenance, Worldwide, ASME, U-Stamp, S-Stamp, NOFO, Marine, Offshore, Industry, Oil Spill Response, Heat Exchangers, Boiler Repair Service, Retubing

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This supplier has traded with 8 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Wilhelmsen Ship Management
  • Seatrans A/S
  • Rem Offshore ASA
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  • FLOWSERVE (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Gestra (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Klinger (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Oilon (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Parat (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Yokogawa (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Ari Armaturen (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Bosch Rexroth (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Burkert (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Cimberio (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Clorius Controls (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Danfoss (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Funke (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Grundfos (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Jumo (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • KROHNE (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • KSB (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Kubler (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Lucifer (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Mobrey (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Norbro (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Saacke (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Samson (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Sauter (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Siemens (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)
  • Spirax Sarco (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Sundstrand (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • SWEP (Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Installer/Repairer)
  • Viessmann (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares, Authorised Agent)
  • Weishaupt (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)

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PARAT Halvorsen A/S
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Flekkefjord, Norway

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