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Tampa, FL, United States

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Oceanwide International Trading, Inc. has been serving the Southeast United States maritime sector since 1988. We are highly respected ship suppliers in the region. Strategically located at one of the largest deep-water ports in Florida.

Since we are a complete ship supplier we can provide everything from the normal, provisions & bonded stores, to worldwide medical supplies delivered directly to your vessel. Stocking the most commonly required safety, deck & engine, cabin, and nautical products will ensure prompt, accurate supply.

We offer many customized services like in-bond transfers, on board medical inspection and monitored on-site storage, automatic inventory management,Cash To Master (CTM) deliveries at a low cost or no charge depending on a purchased order.

Oceanwide Intl. Trading Inc. specializes in supplying Provision from all regions and ethnicities like American, Asian, European, Greek, and Indian just to name a few.

We are also a supplier of a variety of chemicals, paints, synthetic and petroleum products for use in all areas of the vessel.

Contact us anytime 24/7 for any inquiries.

Trading history

This supplier has traded with 17 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • STAR Reefers UK Ltd.
  • Ondabluna Servicos De Transporte Maritimos Lda
  • MMS Co Ltd
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Oceanwide Ship Supply
1101 East Washington Street
Tampa, FL
United States

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Ports Served

  • Savannah GA, US
  • St Petersburg, US
  • Tampa, US
  • Texas City, US
  • West Palm Beach, US
  • Baton Rouge, US
  • Beaumont, US
  • Brunswick, US
  • Corpus Christi, US
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  • Pascagoula, US
  • Pensacola, US
  • Point Comfort - TX, US
  • Port Arthur, US
  • Port Canaveral - FL, US
  • Port Everglades, US
  • Port Saint Joe, US