Oceantrans Marine Services Co., Ltd.

Qingdao, China

Our Business Scope

1.Fitter Work
1.1. Cylinder unit overhaul/ Cylinder liner change/ Crosshead bearing service/ Crankpin bearing service/ Main bearing service
1.2. Fuel pump overhaul
1.3. Affiliated air cooler overhaul,T/C overhaul
1.4. Pipe work. Onboard take measurement of pipes to be replaced, fabrication in workshop with rubber coating inside (for seawater pipes), delivery to vessel and installation
1.5. Load test for ship’s crane
1.6. Winch break test

2.Electricity Work & Painting Work
2.1. E-motor repair/rewinding, balance test
2.2. E/R crane repair
2.3. Electrical route trouble shooting
2.4. Ship’s name and funnel logo change
2.5. Painting for ship’s hull in Chinese port

3.Steel Work
3.1.General steel work repair at Chinese mainland port i.e. main deck plate, shell, etc.
3.2. Tank repair, including NDT check of crack/damage in tank, repair weld or insert plate as per class recommendation, NDT check upon completion
3.3. Cell guide/Entry guide/Slim guide repair/renewal
3.4. Anchor/anchor chain/shackle exchange. Exchange of anchor/anchor chain section/shackles via use of barge;
3.5. Cargo hatch cover repairs. Welding of insert plates. NDT check upon completion.
3.6. High tensile steel work/special part repair i.e. crane jib, bulbous bow,etc.
3.7. Steel structure fabrication

4.Automation Services
4.1. Main Engine electro-pneumatic maneuvering system and safety system, including repair the logic box for M/E pneumatic maneuvering system/Changing repair/VIT & reversing cylinder etc.
4.2. Main power station and D.G automatic control system
4.3. Main switch board/group starter/alarm/control system
4.4. Engine control room monitoring/alarm/control console system
4.5. A/E remote control/safety system
4.6. Aux. boiler/incinerator/fresh water generator alarm/automatic control system
4.7. Boiler drum water level gauging detection/indication alarm control system
4.8. Pneumatic/electrical temperature/pressure detection/indication/control system
4.9. M/E,A/E,F.O. Viscosity detection/indication control system
4.10. Ballast tank level/draft gauging system
4.11. M/E crank case oil mist detection
4.12. Fire Alarm detection system and cargo smoke detection system
4.13. Oil content meter(15ppm) for bilge oily water separator
4.14. Cargo hold water ingress alarm system/dewatering system
4.15. Public address system
4.16. Steering gear/autopilot control system
4.17. Ballast/bilge valve shut/open control/indication system
4.18. Accommodation A/C & Provision reefer system
4.19. Inert gas monitoring and control system
4.20. Anti-fouling system(copper anode, aluminum anode, controller, and seawater electrolysis antifouling systems)
4.21. Ship hull anti-corrosion system(sacrificial anodes and ICCP system)
4.22. Pump room/void space various gas detection alarm system
4.23. Oil discharge monitoring equipment control system
4.24. C.O.T ullage/temperature monitoring alarm system
4.25. C.O.T high level/overflow alarm system
4.26. Elevator control system repair/calibration
4.27. Vessel control system conversion/commission i.e. ballast/bilge control system conversion, boiler automation conversion
4.28.Wheel house navigation/communication equipment system annual service

5.Hydraulick Work
5.1. Hydraulic ballast remote control valve
5.2. Steering gear hydraulic system
5.3. Windlass and mooring winch hydraulic system
5.4. Electro-hydraulic deck crane
5.5. hatch cover hydraulic system
5.6. Controlled pitch propeller hydraulic system

6.Underwater Work
6.1. Underwater video and photo-taking
6.2. Underwater welding/cutting/plugging
6.3. Underwater cleaning(marine growth)
6.4. Underwater thickness gauging

7.Ship stores/spare parts supply and other sundry
7.1. Supply ship stores/tools/materials(steel plate, pipe, flanges etc…)
7.2. Spare parts purchase and supply
7.3. Marine standardized parts fabricate and supply e.g. compensator for exhaust gas or cooling water system etc.

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