NovoShipService Ltd

Novorossiysk, Russian Federation

NovoShipService Ltd offers full supply of the marine vessels by food, ship equipment, spare parts, etc. The wide experience of ship chandler services allows the company to solve all of ship supply questions effectively.

We render a full range of services in complex supply of the marine vessels in the seaports of Novorossiysk, Temryuk, Port Kavkaz, Yeysk, Tuapse, Sochi, Adler. Our main purpose is the full satisfaction of our clients' all requirements to a high professional standard. All works of technical supply and food are prepared, customized and delivered in the shortest time and up to standard.

Shipchandler services

Complete material support of the vessels
Supply by food and drinking water
Cleaning materials & products, linens, laundry products, bedding
Spare parts for ship engines, pumps, oil and air compressors, refrigerator installations
Delivery of marine paint and varnish materials: thinners, deck paints, primers
Marine chemicals
Marine lub oils
Bridge, navigational equipment, stationery
Deck stores: lashing equipment, wire ropes & hawsers, chains, anchors, clinkers, blocks, clips, etc.
Fire equipment: fire extinguishers, fire hatchets, fire suits, foaming agents, breathing apparatus
Delivery and check of life-saving equipment: life rafts, life buoys , life-saving jackets
Safety working clothes & shoes, individual protection equipment
Galley stores
Electrical stores: lamps, cables, lighting, measuring and radio sets, transformers, converters of frequency, current and voltage
Welding equipment and electrodes
Gas production (acetylene, oxygen, propane, freon)
Special spare parts for diesel-generators, ship and electrical motors
Piping & fitting materials, valves, etc.



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NovoShipService Ltd
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Russian Federation

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  • Adler/Sochi, RU
  • Kavkaz, RU
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  • Taman, RU
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