New Future Marine Engineering Co., Ltd

Shenzhen, China

New Future Marine Engineering Co., Ltd grew out of Hai An (Guang Dong) Marine Engineering Co., Ltd, which had been established in 1990 in Shenzhen, China. New Future has been active in the shipping market for 20 years specializing in ship-repairs and store supply. From the first days of its foundation, the firm has dynamically developed, improving its material and technical basis and raising the quality of the performed work.
Now our have been serviced in Bulk Carrier, Container, General Cargo, Tanker, FSO, FPSO, Offshore facilities, LNG, LPG, etc. And have successfully participated in / carried out repair and supply work over 800 vessels. We provide services for all of the worldwide vessels, such as COSCO, China Shipping Line, APL, Maersk, AET, Thome, EVERGREEN, WAN HAI, MSI,etc.

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 2 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • AET Shipmanagement Pte Limited
  • MISC Berhad (Malaysia International Shipping Corporation)
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New Future Marine Engineering Co., Ltd
6/F China Gaoke Building
Chyuelianwan Bldg. No. 2076

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Ports Served

  • Beihai, CN
  • Chiwan, CN
  • Da Chan Bay, CN
  • Dalian, CN
  • Fangcheng, CN
  • Fuzhou, CN
  • Gaolan, CN
  • Guangzhou Pt, CN
  • Haikou, CN
  • Huangpu, CN
  • Huizhou, CN
  • Lianyungang, CN
  • Mawan, CN
  • Nansha, CN
  • Qinzhou, CN
  • Quanzhou, CN
  • Shekou, CN
  • Shantou, CN
  • Shenzhen, CN
  • Qingdao, CN
  • Xiamen, CN
  • Zhanjiang, CN
  • Zhangjiagang, CN
  • Zhoushan, CN
  • Zhuhai, CN