N.C. Gavrielatos S.A.

Piraeus, Greece

We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading Greek Import - Stockist firm occupying itself with naval and industrial equipment for water - seawater - steam and petrochemicals since 1954. We are importing such items from all over the world, having as International customers Ship suppliers, Subcontractors, Shipbuilding companies, Refineries, Shipping companies, Engineering companies, Marine Shipping Agents, and Industries from all the territory of Greece. Specifically our trade object is pipe fittings, industrial-marine valves, butterfly valves, tubes and instrumentation, expansion joints, flow meters, pressure transmitters etc., which we keep in a great stock in our warehouses (6000m2 area) at Piraeus, giving us an ability of good delivery times and very competitive prices. Our products are according to DIN, ANSI and JIS standards following ISSA and IMPA codes (all editions), having also a complete workshop where we can customize any valve to your specific needs. We shall mention that our personnel are highly specialized to shipping supplies and subjects. N.C. Gavrielatos SA after all these years of continuous operation, development and growth, has succeeded to be one of the leaders in the market in products quality, innovation and customer support services. Our main target is the assurance of high quality products in connection with competitive prices and fast deliveries. N.C. Gavrielatos SA has been certified in accordance with the quality management standard ISO 9002(BVQI) Cert. No 55520 and our products accompanied with quality-certificates (CE marking, ISO9000, and 3.1 certificates).

NC Gavrielatos SA

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  • OSG Ship Management
  • ShipServ Pages Buyer
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  • ISO 9002

N.C. Gavrielatos S.A.
6 K. Mavromichali

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Ports Served

  • Cadiz, ES
  • Chalkis, GR
  • Constanta, RO
  • Drapetzona, GR
  • El Suweis (= Suez), EG
  • Eleusis, GR
  • Gibraltar, GI
  • Istanbul, TR
  • Izmir (Smyrna), TR
  • Kalamaki, GR
  • Larnaca, CY
  • Lavrion (Laurium), GR
  • Limassol, CY
  • Mangalia, RO
  • Marina Zeas, GR
  • Piraeus, GR
  • Port Said, EG
  • Pylos, GR
  • Skaramangas, GR
  • Thessaloniki, GR
  • Tuzla, TR
  • Varna, BG