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Halifax, United Kingdom

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METALDYNE International UK Ltd
formerly Simpson Int. (UK) Ltd, Holset Viscous Dampers

Special Products Division

We are a well-established global leader in the supply of viscous dampers with a renowned reputation for our technical capability and quality product having a credible portfolio of customers.

Special Products, Halifax, specialises in the supply of low volume requirements, designing, manufacture and repair of viscous dampers for niche engine markets without any restrictions of a large organisation. We specialise in repair & servicing viscous crankshaft dampers and camshaft dampers worldwide for end users and engine manufactures.

Product list

Designers and manufactures of Torsional Viscous vibration engine dampers

Silicone fluid analysis testing & results report within 24 hours

Damper Repair UK / Worldwide

Off site damper repair / re-conditioning for dampers over 1.5 metre

Exchange dampers available
New dampers available
Metaldyne / Holset viscous dampers are our specialty but dampers manufactured by S.T.E. and Hasse & Wrede can also be repaired.

Basic overhaul can be generally completed within 24 / 48 hours of arrival at our factory.

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Metaldyne International Uk Ltd
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