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MME offers a wide range of products and systems that can help you as a ship owner to extend the lifetime of your ship. Our many years of experience in the marine industry allow us to supply you with the best protection, varying from sacrificial anodes to our custom-built MAGIC systems.

Cathodic protection with sacrificial anodes
Whether dealing with ships, dry-docks or floodgates – corrosion is a threat to your investment. The solution we offer to this problem is cathodic protection. MME Group has decades of experience in designing, casting and supplying sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection systems. Our in-house UK-based foundry efficiently provides custom-built anodes for special applications. In addition, our standard-design anodes are delivered readily from one of our stocks.

Cathodic protection with impressed current (ICCP)
MME specialises in countering and preventing corrosion of ships and marine installations. We deliver intelligent solutions, such as digitally controlled impressed current systems. MME has substantial experience in designing and installing these systems, whose efficiency has been proven on all types of ships, varying from cutters to super tankers. Apart from configurations with standard components, MME supplies custom-built cathodic protection systems to for instance dredgers, offshore- and port structures.

Marine growth prevention for cooling water systems (ICAF)
Marine growth in sea chests, piping and heat exchangers can be a threat to a ship’s performance. To minimize the risks of marine growth, MME Group developed the Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS). This system does not just prevent marine growth, but at the same time protects against corrosion.

Harbinger gangways and ladders
Harbinger is the trade name for MME Group’s aluminium access equipment. It comprises a range of high quality seawater resistant aluminium gangways, accommodation ladders and other manufactured access equipment. The gangways and ladders meet all international requirements, rules and regulations as laid down in guidelines such as BSMA 78 and ISO 7061 and are readily available from our stock in Rotterdam, making quick deliveries across Europe possible. All standard gangways and accommodation ladders are DNV-GL type approved.

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