Marine Systems Inc. (Division of Kirby Engine Systems)

Seattle, Washington, United States

Marine Systems, Inc. was established in 1966 with the goal of becoming the best in its field, providing premium service in support of marine vessel operations.

Today, MSI is recognized for its leadership in on-location, problem-solving service for diesel engine repair, remanufacturing and replacement parts, as well as reduction gear repair for a wide range of vessels. With a network of strategically located facilities that provide 24-hour support, MSI can dispatch experienced technical personnel, tooling and material to various corners of the world.

Our experience and expert judgment provide clear, quick and effective answers to relieve the catastrophic equipment failures that can result in lost business when marine vessels or rigs are down for repair.

A solid commitment to quality is evident in our work. We follow exact measures to ensure that our parts and services meet the most demanding standards.

Our skilled technicians perform all repairs in strict compliance with OEM specifications and factory rebuild procedures, according to the latest engineering updates. Rebuilt components are thoroughly tested before being put into service and tools are regularly calibrated for pinpoint accuracy.

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  • American Steamship Company
  • Windstar Cruises
  • American Steamship Company
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Marine Systems Inc. (Division of Kirby Engine Systems)
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