Hatlapa is a leading marine equipment manufacturer and has been supplying the shipbuilding industry for over 90 years. With headquarters located a short distance from Hamburg and offices worldwide it is a preferred partner to many companies in the shipping industry. In November 2013 Hatlapa was acquired by Cargotec's MacGregor.

Hatlapa boasts a product portfolio well established in the merchant shipping and offshore industries. Its products include air and water cooled marine starting air compressors, service air compressors and emergency air compressors (Hatlapa and Hamworthy compressors), steering gear (ram type, rotary vane, KGW and others), as well as a wide range of deck machinery (anchor and mooring winches, KGW winches, capstans, winches for AHTS and research vessels, electric and hydraulic, Triplex multi deck handlers MDH, Triplex cranes, Triplex shark jaws, Triplex guide pins, Triplex tractioners and tensioners, etc.). As the offshore industry has shown extensive growth in the recent past, Hatlapa has further developed its winch portfolio to meet specific offshore requirements, especially for towing and anchor handling. The offshore winch range includes electric drives (pole changing, variable frequency VFD) and hydraulic drives (low pressure hydraulic LPH, high pressure hydraulic (HPH).

As an independent company with highly motivated staff who can make decisions quickly, we take pride in our products and foresee a bright future. This is because reliable quality, excellent service and expert product development make Hatlapa unique in the market.

In addition to an impressive product portfolio, including brands from Hamworthy, KGW and Triplex, Hatlapa is also well known for its Fleet Support branch of the business. Hatlapa prides itself in being able to deliver service solutions around the globe through its local branches, agents and distributors. Hatlapa goes beyond the normal call of duty and offers a selection of troubleshooting, on-board repairs, replacements and spare parts – this service extends beyond Hatlapa’s own product range to other suppliers’ products, such as Atlas Incinerators, Hamworthy Marine Compressors, JP Sauer, KGW Marine, MacGregor, Sauer & Sohn, Sperre, Tamrotor, Tanabe, Teikoku, Triplex, USON.

Another member of the Hatlapa family is a small subsidiary called Hatlapa Filtration Technology. The Cyprus based business provides coalescers and components for oily-water separators, as well as lube oil and fuel filtration solutions.

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  • Triplex (Authorised Agent, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)

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