Maas Shipstores B.V.

Rotterdam-Hoogvliet, Netherlands

Expert Supplier

The Maas Group is a wholesale supplier whose home is the world. We both collect and distribute goods, and our operating activities encompass a variety of sectors. We know no bounds, both literally and figuratively. We can help you get hold of any article via a network of hundreds of suppliers. No matter the quality or quantity, you can rely on the Maas Group.

You are looking for a supplier that can take care of all the bother. That you can safely entrust with the work. As a supplier that collects and distributes goods exclusively for the shipping industry, we have become the number one in Europe. It is a reputation that we earn day after day by offering a total package and by providing reliable service.

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Maas Shipstores B.V.
Klompenmakerstraat 26
P.O. Box 666
3194 DE

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Ports Served

  • Rotterdam, NL