Lister Chain & Forge, Inc.

Blaine, Washington, United States

Lister Chain & Forge Inc. is a leading manufacturer of large diameter anchor chain, buoy mooring chain, anchors, connecting links and marine fittings for the US Navy, Coast Guard and commercial customers world-wide.

Originally founded as a blacksmith shop in 1911 producing fire-welded chain for log booms and mooring systems, Lister’s production capabilities have grown to include a full range of chain and fittings up to 4” diameter.

Our 3 million pound load test facility, heat treatment and certified inspection capabilities support the many custom requests received and meet the US Navy’s strict specifications and inspection requirements for products of the highest possible quality.

Lister’s Blaine Washington plant produces Stud Link Anchor Chain for Navy and commercial ship requirements and mooring systems.

A full range of certifications and grades are available including -
ABS, MIL-C-24633, FM3, ORQ, and Lloyds.

Buoy Chain for Coast Guard navigational aids and commercial moorings is regularly produced to inventory in 3/4" through 2" diameters.

Special production runs over 2" through 3-3/4” diameters are available on request.

A large inventory of dies and patterns are available for production of Anchors with certifications from military and commercial classification societies.

Available anchor styles include:

USN Stockless
Balanced Fluke
Snug Stowing

A complete line of fittings are available including:

Detachable Chain Connecting Links
Chain Stoppers

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Lister Chain & Forge, Inc.
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