KRMS Co., Ltd.

Busan, South Korea

Located in Busan, South Korea, KR MARINE SUPPLY CO.,LTD. (KRMS) has been one of the most successful chandler corporations that primarily handle :

-Spare Parts
-General Deck Parts

However, all of the chandlery items are very well-handled by our company as well, upon request by the customers around the world. During the last 40 years, KRMS has been greatly successful not only in local trading industry but also in international trades with other nations.
KRMS is strongly promising the customers to purchase very precise and satisfying products at a price of satisfaction. In addition, the items that need to be supplied from nations other than South Korea can still be handled by KRMS which is responsible for precise delivery to your location.
We are always ready to help and satisfy our customers' requests and to answer questions.
Please feel free to email us back if you have any question or if you need more information about KRMS.
We are always willing to help you figure out what you are curious about.
Email :

Other business products:

A. Fiber
- nmp
- D -flex
- supermax
- supermax plus
- superdan
- new super tec
- supermax roundsling

B. Wire Ropes
- poweract
- powerlift
- powertec
- powerfil
- flextec
- flexfil
- sas

C. Rigging Equipment and General Deck Items
- ac-14-anchor
- bc shackle
- cargo block
- g80chain / g80 chain
- kenter shackle
- panamachock
- sc shackle
- stockless anchor
- thimble
- turnbuckle

other products:

- Chandlery

- Electrical Supplies

- Engine Systems & Spares

- OffShore Products

- Pipes & Tubes

- Safety

Mr. Peter Kang
Sales Manager
+82 512452688

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KRMS Co., Ltd.
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