Jin Tech Co., Ltd.

Busan, South Korea

We,Jin Tech Co.,Ltd established in 1988 and do business with many shipowers.
AGENT:SHIN SHIN PUMP(centrifugal gear),
KOREA SEAL MASTER(mechanical seal),
We specialize in pump (SHIN HIN, NANIWA, TEIKOKU, SHINKO, TAIKO, HEISHIN), engine(MAIN AUX.), marine spare and electric part.

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 3 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Scorpio Ship Management s.a.m.
  • United Arab Shipping Co. (S.A.G.)
  • LMS Shipmanagement Inc.
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Jin Tech Co., Ltd.
3F, Il Shin Bldg, #82-2, 4-Ga
Jungang-Dong, Jung-Gu
South Korea

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Ports Served

  • Busan, KR
  • Inchon, KR
  • Jinhae, KR
  • Masan, KR
  • Okpo, KR
  • Pohang, KR
  • Pyeongtaek, KR
  • Shinhang, KR
  • Ulsan, KR
  • Yeosu, KR
  • Gwangyang, KR