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Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

J.Garraio is a Portuguese company founded in 1860 and is a leading company in the Portuguese market, for the supply of Marine and Naval Market, Yachting Market Industry and Military and Security Forces. Our range of products includes navigational charts, nautical publications, nautical equipment for the Navy, Naval Industry, Super Yachts and leisure areas.

Our business areas include, in addition to products previously presented, radar and navigation equipment and safety and security products for Professional and Recreational , Fishing Industry and the Armed Forces. For each one of them would like to emphasize:

• Marine and Naval Area

J.Garraio is a supplier of high quality equipment for cargo ships, tankers, LNG ships, cruise ships and specialized vessels, including fishing boats and leisure. We can supply Electronic Chart Display (ECDIS and ECS), among others marine electronic equipment’s for yachting.

Thus, we represent some of the most important global manufacturers of security equipment and our range includes among other life-rafts, inflatable boats, and signaling equipment, navigational instruments, etc..

J.Garraio is certified agent since 1947 (Admiralty Chart Agent) by the UKHO to supply paper and digital format products with worldwide coverage of the British Admiralty.

In this segment, we highlight the following products with worldwide coverage:
British Admiralty paper charts (BA);
British Admiralty paper publications (NP);
Weekly notices to mariners (NTM);

Value Added Services:
Chart correcting services;
Folio Management Services;
New Services Edition;
Lose Leaf for Admiralty Publications;

Nautical charts from Hydrographic Institute of Portugal;
Jeppesen Marine;

In addition to the products of the Admiralty, also highlight the following products:

Admiralty Digital Publications:
Total Admiralty tide (ATT);
Digital Admiralty list of lights (ADLL);
Admiralty list of radio signals digital volume 6 (ADRS6);
Admiralty Tide Tables;

Admiralty Digital Charts:
AVCS -Admiralty Vector Chart Service;
Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs);
Admiralty Raster Chart Service;

Papel and Digital nautical publications:
Fairplay / LLP;
Nautical Institute;
Shipping Guides;
Witherbys / Seamanship

Navigation Instruments:
IMO safety signs;
Flags & Signals;
Navigational Systems
Navmaster ECDIS;

Repair of Nautical Instruments;
Repair of Compasses.

Oil Spill Equipments:
Absorbents and spill kits;
Containment booms;

Marine Equipment:
Magnetic compasses;
Marine electronics;
Firefighting equipment;
Marine Fender;
Navigation lights and searchlights;
Marine lighting for ATEX;
Marine Pumps;
Life save equipment’s;
Personal Protective Equipment;
Deck equipments;
Survival & Rescue;
Windows & Wipers;
Yacht Equipment;

• Industry

Due to the specific needs of some of our customers, we’ve created a business area specifically for this sector in order to provide the best and most advanced products to companies in this market, such as chemical protection suits, Protective Equipment, lifting equipment, professional lighting, lights for aviation safety, Respiratory protection, Industrial pumps, Explosion proof lighting among others.

• Military and Security Forces

Given the experience of commercial J.Garraio with the Navy, we also develop a wide range of partnerships that enable us to provide the most modern equipment for protection, security and surveillance such as night vision and Military binoculars for Military and Security Forces.

JGarraio & Compania. Lda
J Garraio & Compania. Lda


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J. Garraio & Compania. Lda
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