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HHM Global TechService was a service port of Hudong Heavy Machinery Co Ltd (HHM). It's former was Hudong Heavy Machinery Co Ltd Spare Parts Branch. HHM was the first-rate marine power platform in China. It has manufactured thousands of medium & low speed diesel engines, exported to more than 20 countries. With the HHM scouring and quality system advatage, we could offer genuine and competitive price spare parts.
We are not only supply the spare parts and service for HHM own engine and MAN B&W, Wartsila Sulzer, and SEMT Pielstick engine; but also offer engine operation training, engine retrofit and engine lifecycle technical service.
Our SERVICE includes:
1. Engine spare parts for MAN B&W (type MC, MC-C, ME-B, ME-C) and Wartsila Sulzer (type RND, RTA, RT-flex) engine, such as cylinder liner, cyliner cover, exhaust vlave, spindle, piston ring, piston head, piston skirt, water guide, water jacket, fuel valves, fuel pump, pump plunger, high pressure fuel pipe, O-ring, sealing ring,valves, ICU, HCU, HPS, FCM, etc.
2. Engine service, With teams of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians, we deliver technical services for the widely used MAN B&W and Wartsila-Sulzer engines, with true value of expertise in repairing, supervision and analyzing and resolving complex engine defects. Providing our customers from normal engine maintenance works to specialized consultant services for full range engine and automation and control equipment. In addition, we trouble-shooting and repair electronic/pneumatic remote control and safety system.
3. Engine operation training course, ME training, RT-flex training, ABB T/C, SAM, Kongsberg etc.
4. Vessel vibration measurement and add installation 2nd order compensator (type, Rotcomp110, Rotcomp250, Rotcomp500).
5. Engine slow steaming, slow down technical retrofit
6. Engine parts quality measuring and testing, physical & chamical laboratory, precision measurement facility, vibration or noise measuring.
7. Vessel docking (fuel pump overhauling, bearing survey, chain drive inspection, timing etc.).

8. Retrofit of new system e.g. Alpha Lubricator System, PMI system, slide fuel valve and other brand of performance measuring system.

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  • Expedo Ship Management (Canada) Ltd.
  • Goodwood Ship Management Pte. Ltd
  • Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd.
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Hudong Heavy Machinery Co Ltd Spare Parts Branch
No. 2851, Pu dong Da Dao
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Shanghai, China

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