High Seas Trading Co., Inc.

Miami, FL, United States

High Seas Trading Co. is a marine supply company. We stock thousands of items at our Miami warehouse and ship same day to anywhere in the world. We are constantly adding to and updating our stock to better serve you. Our area of expertise is deck, engine, and safety equipment.

We are well established in the marine industry, serving the cruise ships, the freight vessels, the mega yacht industry, charter vessels, and fishing boats.

High Seas Trading Co. is recognized for its innovative approach to solving marine industry problems. An around the clock service for a broad range of equipment provides the ship operator with greater security and compliance with regulations - a vital factor in today’s environmentally focused climate.

We provide on board inspections upon request. Call us at 305-358-7455 to schedule an appointment. Do you have a product that requires service? Our staff is trained to board vessels in order to service, repair or replace parts as needed while your vessel is in port or sailing. Reinforce your systems with our expert technical knowledge and service.

High Seas Trading Co. offers very attractive prices for annual inspection, liquid level checking, hydraulic pressure testing of all type of cylinders, foam analysis, breathing air analysis, annual testing of breathing apparatus and emergency escape breathing devices.

We also have workshops approved by DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, ABS, Lloyds Register, and RINA.

Our team of technical consultants are always pleased to speak with you and to solve your problems. Resourceful and proficient, our many years of experience in the marine environment will provide you with streamlined and expert advice. Contact us at 305-358-7455 / Fax: 305-350-6887 / E-mail: info@highseasusa.com

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 16 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc.
  • Crystal Cruises
  • MSC Ship Management Ltd
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Authorized Agent or Distributor for:

  • Pains Wessex (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • 3M (Authorised Agent)
  • Autronica (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Cosalt (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Crewsaver (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Jotron (Authorised Installer/Repairer, Authorised Agent)
  • Lalizas (Authorised Agent)

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High Seas Trading Co., Inc.
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Miami, FL
United States

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