Happy Marine Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd

Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Happy Marine is known all over the world as a dedicated and reliable marine heat exchangers manufacture .

Our main products range as follow:

1.Marine boiler component
2.Air coolers
3.Water Mist Catchers
4.Shell &tube heat exchanger
5.plate heat exchanger
6.Electrical heater
7.Anti-corrosion (Plastic & steel complex pipe )

we will service you and your good company with high quality product and excellent service base on good price.

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Happy Marine Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Add:Hongqiao New Garden 36-902,nantong,China
Tel:+86 513 8354 3168 Fax:+86 513 8354 3166
E-mail: info@happymarine.cn

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  • Wilhelmsen Ship Management
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Happy Marine Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd
Hongqiao New Garden 36-902
Nantong, Jiangsu

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