Hanil-Fuji (Korea) Co., Ltd.

Busan, South Korea

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Spare part:STX Maina Engine Agent in Korea. All geniune parts can be upplied. Taiko Kikai Korea agent(only)Store part:Samson Rope Korea agent(only)Impa catalouge Korea distributor(only). Provison:All kinds of fresh provison and bonded store available Korea.

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Hanil-Fuji (Korea) Co., Ltd.
8/F Dong-Sung 1 B/D,
1145-11, Choryang 3-Dong, Dong-Gu,
South Korea

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Ports Served

  • Busan, KR
  • Dangjin, KR
  • Donghae, KR
  • Gamcheon, KR
  • Gunsan, KR
  • Gwangyang, KR
  • Inchon, KR
  • Jinhae, KR
  • Koje, KR
  • Okpo, KR
  • Onsan, KR
  • Pohang, KR
  • Pyeongtaek, KR
  • Samcheonpo, KR
  • Yeosu, KR