Golden Harvest Shipping Service Co. Ltd

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Founded in 1997, Golden Harvest Shipping Service grew rapidly and is now one of the leading ship suppliers in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, it is China’s financial center and world’s largest port city.

After 15 years of growth and now with 150+ professional staff, Golden Harvest gained strong footing across China’s port cities. With offices in Guangzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, providing services to all major ports across China.

Our business now includes: ship stores supply, provisions, new building initial supply, bonded stores, ship spares, spares-in-transit, marine stores import & export, logistics and consolidation, etc.

On the international stage, Golden Harvest established subsidiaries in Dubai, UEA, Melbourne, Australia, and Japan, Osaka.

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  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 22000:2005

Golden Harvest Shipping Service Co. Ltd
No. 1405, Yixian Road
Baoshan District
Shanghai, Shanghai

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Ports Served

  • Baoshanmatou, CN
  • Bayuquan, CN
  • Beihai, CN
  • Caofeidian, CN
  • Changle, CN
  • Chiwan, CN
  • Dalian, CN
  • Dandong, CN
  • Dongxing, CN
  • Fangcheng, CN
  • Foshan, CN
  • Fuzhou, CN
  • Guangzhou 44, CN
  • Haikou, CN
  • Hangzhou, CN
  • Huangpu, CN
  • Jiangmen, CN
  • Jiangshan, CN
  • Jiangyin, CN
  • Jingtang (Tangshan), CN
  • Lianyungang, CN
  • Longkou, CN
  • Maanshan, CN
  • Nanjing, CN
  • Nantong, CN
  • Ningbo, CN
  • Qianwan, CN
  • Qingdao, CN
  • Qinhuangdao, CN
  • Qinzhou, CN
  • Quanzhou, CN
  • Rizhao, CN
  • Shanghai, CN
  • Shantou, CN
  • Shanwei, CN
  • Shenzhen, CN
  • Shitoubu, CN
  • Taicang, CN
  • Tanggu, CN
  • Tangshan, CN
  • Tianjin, CN
  • Tianjinxingang, CN
  • Tongling, CN
  • Weihai, CN
  • Wuhan, CN
  • Wuzhou, CN
  • Xia Hua, CN
  • Xiamen, CN
  • Xinhui, CN
  • Yangjiang, CN
  • Yangpu, CN
  • Yangzhou, CN
  • Yantai, CN
  • Yingkou, CN
  • Zhangjiagang, CN
  • Zhangzhou, CN
  • Zhanjiang, CN
  • Zhenjiang, CN
  • Zhoushan, CN
  • Zhuhai, CN