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Shanghai, Pudong, China

Since the birth of our marine service business, we have consistently provided 24/7 services that meet our customers’ demands and expectations, striving for our costumers’ satisfaction with us as their “Service Provider”.

Through our constantly creative ingenuity, we will continue to grasp accurately our costumers’ needs that are getting more and more sophisticated and varied. In order to realize that, we will keep acting quickly, further evolving into the future. Owning an experienced and dynamic team, I believe we will have a bright future with your support.

We appreciate your keeping an eye on the course that Gacy Marine Service newly pursues.

Alex Keh
Gacy Marine Service Co., Ltd

A: General Stores

1: Deck Fitting and Hatch cover Accessory

2: Medicines

3: Engine, Deck,Cabin Stores

4: Anchor/Anchor Chain, Aluminium Gangway with Cert.

5: Anodes

6: Safety equipment

7: Mooring Ropes and Wire ropes

8: Navigation Equipment Spares

B: Spares parts

1: Pump, Motor

2: Compressor

3: Condenser



Trading History

This supplier has traded with 6 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • SIEM Ship Management
  • Rickmers Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Eagle Ship Management LLC (As Agents Only)
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Gacy Marine Engineering Service Co.,Ltd
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Shanghai, Pudong

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Ports Served

  • Caofeidian, CN
  • Jiangyin, CN
  • Nanjing, CN
  • Shanghai, CN
  • Wusong, CN
  • Zhanjiang, CN
  • Zhenjiang, CN
  • Zhoushan, CN