Fathom Shipping

Windsor, United Kingdom

Fathom is an innovative publishing & events company specialising in technical & operational challenges for maritime efficiency.

Fathom was founded in 2010 and has established a worldwide reputation for providing practical tools for owners and operators to navigate business challenges, improve operations and streamline processes.

Fathom's mission is to facilitate competitive, responsible, cost effective maritime operations through the provision of clear, concise guidance and knowledge creation that is accessible to all. The company comprises three divisions - publications, events and consultancy with each feeding the other with knowledge and insight.

Our unique approach of multi-format information presentation with cross pollination across different platforms allows our clients to access the information WHEN, HOW and WHERE they need it.

Through unparalleled access to wide-ranging data and an extensive relationship network around the globe, the Fathom team is able to apply specialist industry insight and world-leading expertise into every project, ensuring truly rigorous research and analysis and the most up-to-date thinking, insight, knowledge and data.


Fathom Shipping
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