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Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom

As part of the Marine Industry, you are concerned with improved operations, safety and reliability.

Downtime is costly, with each vessel costing millions; you need your vessels on the move. Time spent in the dock and unloading needs to be minimising to ensure profitability is maximized.

Essential maintenance and repairs are key to ensuring your ships are fit for purpose and maintain their ship worthiness certificates. ERIKS Marine Services has the flexibility required to maintain and repair ships anywhere in the UK with a 24 hour call out time, avoiding the usual 2-3 week notice period required by other service providers. ERIKS Land Based Repairs have workshops at all the major ports in the UK and are quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, audited by Lloyds.

Off shore solutions include riding squads of engineers who carry out on board maintenance during your voyages with the ERIKS support network ensuring that products and equipment can be supplied quickly. These services allow you to maintain your ship on the move or at your convenience ensuring that earnings are not lost through downtime.

The Marine industry is also under pressure to be more efficient, use less fuel and reduce pollution into the oceans. In addition stringent health and safety regulations are in force. With a range of products designed to support these pressures and partnerships with leading manufacturers ERIKS can meet all your supply needs whilst satisfying sustainability, environmental concerns and health and safety issues as standard. All ERIKS technicians and engineers comply to the International Safety Management code. (ISM)

ERIKS provide a range of services to support your industry objectives including overhaul and rewinding of alternators, generators and motors, condition monitoring, vibration analysis, Thermo graphics, Dielectric Loss Analysis, on board cleaning of generators, switchboards and alternators and on board pump and gearbox repairs.

ERIKS can implement preventative maintenance to improve reliability of the equipment on your vessels as well reactive maintenance to deal with any unforeseen issues.

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ERIKS International
Unit G, Crackley Way,
Peartree Lane,
Dudley, West Midlands
United Kingdom

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