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Oslo, Norway

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EMS Seven Seas (Norway) AS was established as Stromme AS in 1972, and located close to the port of Oslo. Our professional team has a wide knowledge within technical products, spare parts and maritime equipment.

We provide our own product line - Stromme Marine Products - Stromme provides a wide range of quality marine equipment. Our products are engineered for depend-ability under rough conditions at sea by us and our partners. Years of experience in close cooperation with our customers have shaped the development of our product range.

EMS Seven Seas is the exclusive distributor of Stromme products and puts its worlwide extnded supply network to satisfy the need of its customers.

The equipment complies with top Eruopean standards and has been designed for all kinds of ships, exploration rigs, fixed or floating production platforms.

The Stromme product range includes;

Cargohold cleaning equipment (Combi-Jet, Maxi-Jet, Mini-Jet, Pump Spray-foam, Tank Spray-foam, Handy-spray, air driven pump for slop removal, sub-pump for drainage of cargo hold)

Chemicals for Cargo Hold Cleaning (Aquaclean HD and Paint Protector)

Mari-Clean High Pressure Cleaners in a wide range, air and electric driven, portable and stationary

Mari-Air Air Compressors (working air, breathing air, air dryers and filters)

Tank Ventialation fans (portable water and air driven)

Immersion suits

Pollocks expansion plugs

Other equipment supplied are;

UHF/VHF handheld radios
SKF bearings 
Hand Tools (Bahco, Teng Tools, Gedore)
Electrical Tools (Bosch, Makita, AEG)
Tool boxes and cabinets
Laundry and galley equipment
Band-It Clamping System
PPE Equipment
Signs and posters

EMS Seven Seas is a global provider of marine and offshore supplies, marine equipment, spare parts and services to the shipping and offshore industry. With our global service offering our customers benefit from economies of scale, purchasing advantages and efficient logistics – combined with local expertise and service. We have operations in more than 60 ports worldwide and offer logistical service, storage and handling services to all our clients.

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EMS Seven Seas (Norway) AS
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