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London, United Kingdom

Vastly experienced in the marine industry as far as Electric motors supplies is concerned, Electric Motors International has earned a reputation as one of the major and leading suppliers worldwide. To it's credit, the company boosts of over five thousand client base worldwide, reputable tax paying,impressive credit control status and it is perfectly suited to meet the ever demanding and tailored -made clients requests and inquiries. This is the very reason the can is widely acclaimed as a force to be reckoned with when it comes up to supply Electric motors in the event of emergencies.

Client based benefits.

-Replace expensive motors with our brands.
-Offer further options for Japanese Motors.
-Favourable quotation terms(50-60% discount).
-Reduction in handling and freight for clients.
-Delivery status is always precise and on time.

Top -most brands supplied


We specialize in urgent supply of Electric Motors world-wide. We have local stocks in many countries , saving time and transport cost.
We supply our own brand EMI and many other makes. We can supply Electric motors for all application. Here are some examples:
Mooring winches, boiler fans, SW pumps , Lube oil pumps, steering gear motors, thrusters, hydraulic power packs, life boats and many more.
We also supply a full range of pulleys, couplings chains etc. We are experts in replacing eastern standard motors with European makes.

For all your electric motors needs Electric Motors International is tailor made to meet your inquiries why not give us a chance to quote for you.

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Electric Motors International Ltd
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