DSF-Servicos e Fornecedora de Navios Ltda

Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

General Ship Supplier for All major Brazilian ports. Based on the port of Santos, DSF is the only general Ship Supplier certified in ISO 9001:2000 norms. DSF also have the ISSA Quality certificate. Our company is always training our collaborators and investing in new technologies to guarantee that our customer will have the most efficient and the best service. Fell free to send us inquiries, you are most wellcome to be our customer.

DSFServicos e Fornecedora de Navios Ltda
DSF Servicos e Fornecedora de Navios Ltda

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 33 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Grieg Star
  • Nane Shipping Management S.A.
  • Southern Shipmanagement (Chile) Ltd.
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Authorized Agent or Distributor for:


Verified as Member of
  • IMPA
  • ISSA


  • ISSA Quality
  • ISO 9001

DSF-Servicos e Fornecedora de Navios Ltda
Rua Santos Dumont, 133/135
Santos, Sao Paulo

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Ports Served

  • Angra dos Reis, BR
  • Antonina, BR
  • Belem, BR
  • Cabedelo, BR
  • Camocim, BR
  • Fortaleza, BR
  • Imbituba, BR
  • Itaguai, BR
  • Itaqui MA, BR
  • Itajai, BR
  • Maceio, BR
  • Niteroi, BR
  • Portocel, BR
  • Pecem, BR
  • Ponta da Madeira, BR
  • Paranagua, BR
  • Porto Alegre, BR
  • Ponta Ubu, BR
  • Praia Mole, BR
  • Recife, BR
  • Rio Grande, BR
  • Rio de Janeiro, BR
  • Sao Francisco do Sul, BR
  • Sao Luis, BR
  • Sepetiba, BR
  • Salvador, BR
  • Sao Sebastiao, BR
  • Santos, BR
  • Suape, BR
  • Tramandai, BR
  • Tubarao, BR
  • Vila de Conde, BR
  • Vitoria, BR