Desin Marine & Industry Services Ltd.

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

DESIN, as one of the leading marine technical suppliers and components stockist is located in Shanghai, China.

Based on 25 years marine experience, our highly qualified staffs will provide competent consulting and best solution to your problems.

DESIN has long-term & stronger relationship with major diesel engine manufactories in China, such as DMD, HHM, YMD, ZJMD AND ANQING Daihatsu.

Our Services Scope covers:
Diesel Engine: Man B&W, Wartsila Sulzer, Pielstick,
Daihatsu , Yanmar, Cummins
Compressor: Sperre, Tanabe, Hamworthy, Suction gas engine , Yanmar, Carrier Daikin, Sabroe, SMC etc.
Purifier: Alfa Laval, Westfailia, Mitsuinishi
All kind of China made equipment

Our manufactory is located in Pudong, Shanghai, specializing in produce main engine components such as cylinder liner, cylinder head, piston crown, etc . We also deal with the product accordance with customer’s drawings, samples.

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  • ShipServ Pages Buyer
  • Rickmers Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Norbulk Shipping Ltd
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Desin Marine & Industry Services Ltd.
Unit 508, Hexin Commercial Building
No. 36 Caobao Rd. 200235
Shanghai, Shanghai

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  • Dalianxingang - 21, CN
  • Guangzhou 44, CN
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