Dasic Marine Limited

Eastleigh, Hants, United Kingdom

Dasic Marine Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of Gas Freeing (Ventilation) Fans; Tank Cleaning Machines; Marine Anti-Piracy Equipment; Diaphragm Pumps with a full range of Spare Parts and complementing Ancillary Products such as Hose; Ducting and Couplings. Established in 1960's, Dasic Marine has an excellent reputation for quality products and exceptional service.
Gas Freeing Fans: all Dasic Marine(Ventilation)Fans offer the safest and most time efficient Gas Freeing operation. Their deep penetration design means the airflow is directed as a core to the tank bottom reducing the risk of vapour pocket build up, whilst also reducing the time spent gas freeing.

Tank Cleaning: all Dasic Marine Tank Cleaning machines are developed to give the highest efficiency wash and can be tailored to suit a diverse range of applications with numerous nozzle sizes; cycle times and flows available. Suitable for VLCC; Bulk Carriers; Product Tankers; Chemical Carriers; Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

Marine Anti-Piracy: Nemesis 5000 is a water cannon based, vessel boarding deterrent. The system works by producing high pressure water jets which, when multiple machines are used, creates a moving current of water around the ship. Each Nemesis 5000 unit is driven by sea water at pressures of between 3.5-5 bar to provide an effective visible, physical, yet non lethal deterrent to boarding.

Diaphragm, Submersible and Barrel Pumps - in line with IMPA and ISSA catalogue numbers, Dasic Marine offers a focused range of high quality, cost efficient air driven pumps suitable for many applications, whether pumping aggressive, abrasive products, clean fluids or high viscosity liquids.

Ancillary Products include high quality, cost effective hoses; ducting and couplings

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  • Rederiet Stenersen AS
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  • Scorpio Ship Management s.a.m.
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