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Cygnus Instruments is dedicated to product development. We constantly work on new applications and monitor industry trends in order to develop products as they are required.

Cygnus gauges were designed and manufactured out of a need in the marketplace for a reliable, hand held, digital thickness gauge.

The first gauge was designed in 1983 by a marine surveyor who specialized in the inspection of large oil carriers. These gauges were built to overcome the rigors of gauging at sea where surfaces can be heavily corroded or coated with layers of paint or protective coatings.

Our main objective was to combine the multiple echo technique used in a “flaw detector” with digital technology. Cygnus pioneered the development of the world's first digital, multiple echo ultrasonic metal thickness gauge. The gauges were capable of measuring on rough corroded surfaces with minimal surface preparation. Coatings such as paint or epoxy do not have to be removed in order to measure the steel.

Most important is the fact that you get a true, honest, accurate, verified thickness measurement. This is the real meaning of “multiple echoes.”


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