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Genoa, Italy

Chiefmar is totally focused on supplying High Quality Spares.

Established in 1982, Chiefmar Srl has more than 30 years experience in supplying the highest quality Alfa Laval alternatives on the market suitable for centrifugal oil purifiers and Nirex Fresh Water Generator. As on unofficial supplier of compatible spare parts for centrifugal separators within the Alfa Laval range, Chiefmar Srl dedicates a lot of effort to being up-to-date; no easy feat for a company that employs a small selected staff and has a single site in Genoa. However, this only makes the high quality of Chiefmar's 5000 products, ready for immediate supply on demand, all the more impressive.

With its wholly owned premises located in a prominently industrial part of Genoa, Italy, Chiefmar's facility consists of 1000 square metres of warehouse space and 250 square metres of office space. It is here that the company retains a complete range of Alfa Laval separators and fresh water generators spare parts for all sizes and models.

Retaining a long tradition for delivering the best possible solutions for clients tailored for each shipment, the ISO 9001 qualified supplier of alternatives for Alfa Laval purifiers and fresh water generators has a clear focus on quality to ensure safe operaton, low maintenance cost and high efficiency. Readily available components include accessories for separator control systems such as EPC 400 and EPC 41 control boards, solenoid valve groups water and air, flow switches, pressure switches and pneumatic three-way valves.

Having developed a significant presence in the Far East in the last decade, Chiefmar Srl continues to address the needs of the market by maintaining a dedication to supplying products of the highest quality and building on its reputation excellence.

Premier supplier of Alfa Laval alternative spares

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