BWT Separtec Oy

RAISIO, Finland

Established in 1987, BWT Separtec Oy is an expert company specialising in water treatment. Our objective is to provide clean water in accordance with the needs of our customers. We have been a part of Nordic HOH Water Technology Group since 1996. Furthermore, HOH Water Technology joined Best Water Technology (BWT), a leading European water technology group in 2003. BWT Separtec Oy is located in south-west Finland, Raisio.

BWT Separtec Oy is supplier of water treatment units for shipyards and we have delivered during last 15 years 150 machine units for whirlpool and swimming pool solutions. The cruiser water treatment units are delivered to the final destination completely equipped, tested and are fully operational upon delivery. Our customer base includes shipyards, industrial plants, municipalities, power plants, hospitals, laboratories and well-stocked HPAC stores. We can deliver individual components as well as extensive and customised water treatment systems. BWT provides services and spare parts for water treatment units.

DOW Filmtec membranes, DOW ion exhange resins, filter cartridges (Pentek, 3M), Pahlén products, Grundfos pumps, uv units and spare parts

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  • Crystal Cruises
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BWT Separtec Oy
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  • Stockholm, SE
  • Turku (Abo), FI
  • Uusikaupunki (Nystad), FI
  • Vasa (Vaasa), FI
  • Copenhagen, DK
  • Hanko (Hango), FI
  • Helsinki (Helsingfors), FI
  • Kotka, FI
  • Nadendal (Naantali), FI
  • Pori (Bjorneborg), FI
  • Raumo (Rauma), FI