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Brodrene Dahl AS (BD) was established in 1917 and is today Norway’s biggest
piping wholesaler. It works within the areas of HVAC, sanitation systems, industry,
tools and refrigeration. The company has 53 sales departments nationwide,
850 employees and sales of about Euro 615 million. The company is part of the
Saint-Gobain Group (SG), which was established in 1665 in France. SG is one of
Europe’s leading industrial groups with a turnover about Euro 35 billion. Operations
are divided into 3 areas; Glass, High performance materials and Construction
products (Distribution Division). BD is part of the latter.
Shipping: The industry department of BD works closely with many shipbuilders
and ship owners. It is the biggest company in this field in Norway. And supplies
most of the yards – including STX Europe (former Aker yards). Many Norwegian
ship owners are sourcing their new vessels from abroad, but adhering to
Norwegian specifications. In order for ship builders to meet the right quality
requirements, BD often supplies pipes, flanges, valves, actuators and
monitoring systems to these clients, and these components make an
important export business for BD.
If the ship is repaired or constructed in a low cost country, where
sourcing correctly classified material can be a challenge, BD can
help with special standards and material qualities for immediate
or just in time deliveries. As a logistics supplier, with a stock of
guaranteed classed materials. BD re-exports materials to China,
India, Dubai, Germany, Spain, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Italy and
others. The company’s main stocks are located in Oslo and Aalesund.
Additionally we have 2 stocks in Romania – Tulcea and in Braila
serving the local yards. In 2009 BD opened a company with stock
in Vung Tau with classed materials for the yards in Vietnam. After a
lengthy screening process, we can offer the yards and international companies
guaranteed quality with certificates if necessary for immediate supplies.
BD also supplies these materials to ship owners when repair jobs must be done –
anywhere across the globe. The big advantage of working with BD is its ability to
immediately supply materials when and where the breakdowns occur.
Exhibitions: BD is always looking to introduce its services to new clients.
You will find us on Nor Shipping, Oslo and on SMM, Hamburg in the Norwegian
pavilion. There you will meet dedicated staff waiting to answer questions and
highlight how its solutions can save its clients time and money.
Customers can access BD`s product catalogue on its
website – – and this document has been described by
users as “the bible in sourcing the correct materials for shipbuilding and
repair”. Although in today`s times many believe that electronic access
is the only solution, BD is also aware that some customers prefer a hard
copy. Therefore a book of 582 pages filled with information is published
by the organization and these are distributed to old and new
customers daily, to locations all across the globe.
When you are in urgent need of classed
materiel (tubes, welding fittings and valves)
for repair jobs or new buildings, this catalogue
is what you are looking for.
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