Bright Star Lighting Products, a Division of Koehler-Bright Star, LLC

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States

About Bright Star Lighting Products

Bright Star Lighting Products is a unit of Koehler-Bright Star, Inc. Bright Star Lighting Products was established in 1909 with the sole purpose of manufacturing carbon-zinc batteries. In the 1930’s, Bright Star was the first battery maker to introduce high amperage photoflash batteries. Later that decade, we introduced the first high impact injection-molded flashlight that was safety certified by the bureau of mines. While batteries remain part of the Bright Star product line, our primary offerings are professional grade flashlights for the industrial & municipal markets. Our product lines now include a diverse range of certified flashlights and lanterns, spotlights, and accessories.

Today, Bright Star continues the legacy of creating innovative products that are used by professionals in hazardous locations. Our products are designed to meet the most stringent lighting demands encountered in fire, safety, and industrial applications. Bright Star has been at the forefront of flashlight technology for nearly a century and has the history and the products to prove it! Our Lighthawk, Responder Right Angle, Responder Series and WorkSAFE models utilize the latest materials and technology to comply with national and international safety standards. Our products have earned the highest safety ratings possible from third-party organizations, such as Underwriters Laboratories.

Bright Star has established worldwide distribution. Our facility is located on six acres in Hanover Township, PA. The 90,000 square foot facility houses our Design, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Administrative departments. We are ISO9001 certified. Our quality assurance system ensures that all aspects of our business are as reliable as the performance of our products.

Bright Star, the First Name in Flashlights, is known for the product innovations we have pioneered throughout the years. Our products are designed and manufactured to maintain and ensure the safety of our users within the environments they must endure to get the job done! Perhaps, our accomplishments tell our story best:

The First Industrial Flashlight
The First Safety-Approved Flashlight
The First Right-Angle Flashlight
The First Division I Class I Rechargeable Flashlight
The First UL 783 Safety Approved Flashlight
The First Manufacturer to attain ATEX certification
The First Fire Lantern
The First Interchangeable Power Supply
The First Safety Approved Lithium Ion Battery in the Fire Market
These achievements reflect a portion of the innovation and excellence associated with the Bright Star name. To learn more about Bright Star, our product lines, and what others have to say about us, visit the rest of our website!


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  • ISO 9001

Bright Star Lighting Products, a Division of Koehler-Bright Star, LLC
380 Stewart Road
Hanover Industrial Estates
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
United States

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