Asia Shipping Co., Ltd

Kyungju, Kyungbuk, South Korea

We,Asia Shipping have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to the worldwide customers.

Asia shipping as established in 1990, and has been growing as one of the most active and reliable shippping hardware supplier and international total service agency for the worldwide ship owners and ship management company.

We are engaged in shipping agency service in all respects of ports and coastal businesses, such as vessels' cargo loading/unloading, repairing and building at Korea based shipyards, including off-shore drilling and operation facilities.

Our offers include a broad range of consultancy services related to port policy,regulations and customaries; and to maritime contracts with Korean firms, chartering Korean vessels, buying and selling vessels and purchasing of major equipment, both from abroad and from Korean suppliers.

Asia Shiping is not only able to render the most dependable harbor services to the ships, but also provides eveny necessary article and commodity for them(covering all nation-wide area in Korea).

We have our partner companies, forwarders and coordinators, in Singapore,Hong Kong,Shanghai, and Europe.

We offer you a full range of shipping supplies and services that also include rental housing and cars, and any other item or service to cover al your needs.

We sincerely look forward to working close with you as a reliable agent & supplier for your company.

With our headquarter in Ulsan, our branch office located in Geoje, and our long time service to all the major Korean shpyards(H.H.I., H.M.D.,H.S.H.I.,S.H.I.,D.S.M.E,STX etc.) we can assure you full assistance for all your requirements.

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 9 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Grieg Star
  • Southern Shipmanagement (Chile) Ltd.
  • Maryville Maritime Inc.
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Asia Shipping Co., Ltd
1880-129, Seokgye-ri
Kyungju, Kyungbuk
South Korea

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Ports Served

  • Aewol, KR
  • Biin, KR
  • Boryeong, KR
  • Busan, KR
  • Busan New Port, KR
  • Daebul, KR
  • Daesan 44, KR
  • Dangjin, KR
  • Donghae, KR
  • Gamcheon, KR
  • Ganggu, KR
  • Gohyeon, KR
  • Gunsan, KR
  • Guryongpo, KR
  • Gwangyang, KR
  • Gyeongin, KR
  • Hallim, KR
  • Hongdo, KR
  • Hosan, KR
  • Hupo, KR
  • Hwahungpo, KR
  • Hwasun, KR
  • Inchon, KR
  • Janghang, KR
  • Jeju (ex Cheju), KR
  • Jinhae, KR
  • Koje, KR
  • Masan, KR
  • Mipo, KR
  • Mokpo, KR
  • Mukho, KR
  • Narodo, KR
  • Nokdongsin, KR
  • Okgye, KR
  • Okpo, KR
  • Onsan, KR
  • Pohang, KR
  • Pusan, KR
  • Pyeongtaek, KR
  • Samcheok, KR
  • Samcheonpo, KR
  • Seogwipo, KR
  • Seongsan-po, KR
  • Shinhang, KR
  • Sokcho, KR
  • Suwon, KR
  • Taean, KR
  • Tonghae, KR
  • Tongyeong, KR
  • Ulsan, KR
  • Yeosu, KR
  • Yochon, KR