Arturo Riva B.V.

Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Ariva is one of the oldest remaining ship suppliers in Europe. Being founded in 1939 with the primary goal, supplying the shipping industry throughout Europe, we have successfully manifested our position as one of the most preferred and reliable suppliers. Operating based on our core values: service, reliability, quality and competitive.

These values have been the corner stones, in which we have grown into a market leading position. Today Ariva is considered a pioneer in the shipping community and amongst the first, with the capabilities of handling provisions and general consumables to remote sites and platforms outside Europe, due to their strong global network.

Ship supply
Supplying more than 6,000 vessels on a yearly basis, Ariva has identified the most frequently ordered items and put these on stock at our warehouse. Given the many years of business in Rotterdam, Ariva has established a unique local network and close cooperation with their suppliers. This ensures even the most urgent orders can be handled and supplied in full, within the shortest of time frames.
Provisions and Bonded Stores
- Deck Stores
- Engine Stores
- Electrical Stores
- Pantry Stores
- Cabin Stores
- Safety Equipmemnt
- Ropes and Wires
- Cleaning Materials
- Spare Parts
- Supplies all over Europe with shortest notice

Ariva has for the past 20 years been exporting supplies to our customers in and outside of Europe, with both provisions and technical consumables. Having faced and solved all sorts of different challenges we now consider ourselves amongst the strongest and most reliable suppliers when it comes to export.

Newbuilding packages
Being one the most reliable suppliers, Ariva is the preferred supplier of Newbuilding packages being sent from our facilities in Rotterdam to outside Europe. Understanding the many aspects of supplying a newly build vessel is what have made Ariva the preferred choice when selecting a supplier.

Ariva has the ability to offer full forwarding services of spares throughout the world. We have a customs warehouse that allows storage and forwarding of all your shipments.

Catering Management
We also provide management servies of several catering related activities
- Air & Airport Services (management of ground and in-flight retail and catering activities)
- Consumer Services (management of bars, shops, restaurants and self-service restaurants on board ferries mostly operating in the Mediterranean)
- Cruise Services (hotel and catering activities on board ocean-going cruise ships)
- Food Supply & Logistics (organization of ships supplies throughout the world)
- Off-Shore & Cargo Services (management of activities on board oil platforms and cargo ships)
- Remote Sites (management of activities in remote locations involving the setting up of canteens and restaurants for large communities)

IMPA member - ISSA member - ISO 9001.

Trading History

This supplier has traded with 7 companies on TradeNet. Here are the most recent:

  • Maryville Maritime Inc.
  • Grieg Star
  • MSC - Mediterranean Shipping Company S.R.L.
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Arturo Riva B.V.
Schuttevaerweg 92
Rotterdam, Zuid Holland
3044 BB

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