Aohai Anchor Chain Co., Ltd

Jingjiang, Jiangsu, China

Established in 2009, Aohai Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of marine anchor chains and mooring chains. The compan constantly invest 998 million to build a state of the art factory.
The company is located in the Jingjiang Industrial Zone (JiangsuProvince), which is near the Yangtze River and therefore extremely convenient for transportation. The first phase of development includes an area of 180,000 m2, with about 500 staff, including engineers, project technicians and administration personnel. We are able to guarantee the highest quality for design, production and quality control, by employing experienced senior engineers.
The main production equipments such as No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9 and No. 11 chain production lines, vertical Q.T. furnace and various cutting and tensile testing machines are of the first class. We have also invested greatly in our CAD and network technology and our PC management system enables us to provide logical resource technology, strict quality control and the highest product levels.
Aohai adopts advanced flash butt welding and the production is in accordance with ISO1704, GB549, GB/T20848 and the standards of the leading classification societies worldwide. The main products are marine anchor chains and mooring chains with diameter from 22-152 mm. Our annual production capacity is currently around 100,000 tons and expected to increase dramatically in the following even further investments.
Aohai aims to be the shining pearl in the anchor chain industry and we are determined to provide a first class product and concurrent with a first class service.
Manufacturing Advantage:
We have more than 20 years experience in anchor chain production.
Our factory is ISO9001 approval, OSHMS18001 approval, ISO14001 approval, API approval and type approval by all IACS members.
Advantage manufacturing facilities:

Main products:
Stud Link Anchor Chain
Stud-link Anchor Chain
Anchor Chain
Stud Link Chain
Flash-butt Welded Anchor Chain
Flash-butt Welded Chain
Flah Butt Welded Anchor Chain Cable
Stud Link Chain Cable
Anchor Chain Cable
Chain Cable for Bow Anchor
Chain Cable
Ship Stud Link Flash Butt Welded Chain
Ship Anchor Chain Cable
Electric Welded Anchor Chain
U1/U2/U3 Anchor Chain

Open Link Chain
Studless Chain
Studless Anchor Chain
Open Link Anchor Chain
Studless Chain Cable

Offshore Mooring Chain
Offshore Mooring Chain Cable
Mooring Chain
Stud Link Mooring Chain
Studless Mooring Chain
R3 Mooring Chain
R4 Mooring Chain
R5 Mooring Chain

Chafe Chain
Chafing Chain
Towing Chain
Stud Link Chain with Special End Link

Buoy Chain
Pendant Chain
Pendant Anchor Chain

Kenter Shackle
Lugless Joining Shackle
Kenter Type Joining Shackle

Joining Shackle
Lug Joining Shackle

End Shackle
End Joining Shackle

Crown Shackle
Anchor Shackle

Buoy Shackle

Swivel Shackle

Swivel Piece
Swivel Assembly
Swivel Set

Five Link Adaptor

Three Link Adaptor

LTM Joining Shackle
LTM End Shackle
LTM Shackle

Slim Kenter Shackle
Baldt Shackle
Baldt Kenter Shackle
Trident Kenter Shackle

Pear Shackle
Pear Shaped Anchor Connecting Link
Pear Shaped Anchor Connecting Shackle
Anchor Connecting Link
Detachable Anchor Connecting Link

C Type Connecting Shackle
Detachable Chain Connecting Link

Forged Tri-Plate
Triangle Plate

Mooring Ring

Quick Release Hook
Buoy Release Hook

Fittings for Chain Cable
Anchor Chain Accessory
Offshore Mooring Accessory

Anchor Chain Cable and Accessories
Flash Butt Welded Stud Link Chain Cable and Accessories
Ship Anchor Chain and Accessories

Hall anchor (A B C )
Spek anchor (M 95 SR)
Danforth anchor (lightweight)
Delta anchor
High holding power anchor (AC 14 MK5 Markov Danforth N type)
Bruce anchor
Pool anchor ( TW N)
Locate anchor
Japan anchor (stock stockless)
Single claw anchor
Baldt stockless anchor
U.S.N stockless anchor
Admiralty anchor

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Aohai Anchor Chain Co., Ltd
Jingjiang Industrial Zone

Jingjiang, Jiangsu

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