Amatech Corp

New York, New York, United States

Amatech has supplied the deep sea and barge community for over 40 years. We supply all types of portable, semi portable blowers to meet all vessel needs. We supply Forward Curve Blowers Wheels, Electric driven Portable Blowers Electric driven Fixed Mounted Blower/ Exhausters, Light Weight, Electric Driven Fiberglass Blowers Duct Mounted Fiberglass Fans, Electric Driven Polypropylene and Polyvinyl Chloride Blowers, Electrical Centrifugal Blowers, Compressed air driven Portable blowers, Exhauster, Water Driven Portable blower/ Exhauster, Air Drive Fiberglass Blower/ Exhauster, Air Duct – Electricity Conductive, from 6” to 48”, Collapsible and Foldable Air Ducts, Electrically Conductive Collapsible and Foldable Air Ducts, Explosion Proof Electric Air Heaters for Hazardous Locations. Blower sales and Parts Available with same day shipping including Airport Pickup


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  • Amatech (Authorised Agent, Authorised Installer/Repairer, Certified Genuine/Original Spares)

Amatech Corp
P. O. Box 110, White Plains
New York, New York
United States

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Ports Served

  • Beaumont, US
  • Annapolis, US
  • Baltimore, US
  • Bellingham, US
  • Boston, US
  • Brooklyn, US
  • Camden NJ, US
  • Charleston SC, US
  • Corpus Christi, US
  • Curtis Bay, Baltimore, US
  • Erie, US
  • Freeport - TX, US
  • Jacksonville, US
  • Long Beach, US
  • Miami, US
  • Mobile, US
  • New Orleans, US
  • New York, US
  • Norfolk-Newport News - VA, US
  • Philadelphia, US
  • Portland OR, US
  • Puget Sound - WA, US
  • Tampa, US